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October 5, 2020

A FULL Body Calorie Burning Workout in 10-Minutes you want a full-body, guaranteed to make you sore, 10-minute, workout, KEEP READING.This is a great workout to do in a pinch when you want to combine cardio and strength training. Plus it targets ab and arms.Here's how it works:Set a timer and keep track of how long it takes you to complete: 3 Sets of- 12 wall balls’, 9 medicine ball sit ups, 6 push ups, 3 toes to bar and 200 m run—— Equipment you will need: Dynamax ball (8-14#), pull up bar, abmat—- Substitutions: Dumbbell thrusters for wall ball’s Dumbbell for sit ups instead of med ball Deadbug heel taps instead of toes to barMake sure to tag @shestrength on Instagram or Facebook if you try it!--------------------------For more workout ideas like these follow: sheSTRENGTH SheSTRENGTH by Anna Woods Fitness

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