Anna Woods
Anna Woods


ACE-Certified Personal Trainer since 2006.

Biomechanics Exercise Specialist.

CrossFit L1 Trainer.

Functional Aging Institute Graduate.

Head Coach/CEO

Anna Woods

About Anna

Wife and mom to 3 kids in Central Kansas. Strength & Conditioning Coach for Hutchinson CC Softball. Buhler HS Women's Summer Strength Program. Author of "Adaptive Fitness Exercise Programming"--Adaptive fitness trainer for Disability Supports, Tech, Inc and CARE.

CEO of sheStrength.

Turning Point

I was given the name Home Gym as an athlete. I was the only competitor who did not belong to a gym. I was the only competitor who worked out at home by myself. It worked better for me for many reasons, mainly being my family. I trained clients and worked out on my own during the pockets of my day I had while my kids napped or were with my husband or family. I'd be up before them in the mornings and to bed late after I trained at night. My kids were my motivation to compete, not my reason for letting myself go.

Motivation & Passion

My goal in working with people of all ages and abilities is to help a person redefine what fitness truly is by understanding this is a lifetime process, not a quick fix. We focus on daily habits that promote consistency over time, leading to big changes down the road.